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Created for Retro Remake Jam - a reimagining of 2006's Dead Rising for Atari 2600

The Williamette Mall has become infested with zombies... and anything that isn't nailed down is a weapon. You're Frank West, freelance photo journalist whose come to investigate the situation. Find as many survivors as you can and bring them back to the safe room before your helicopter arrives to bring you all to safety.

Remember that Frank also has to eat during his stay at Williamette! Be sure to try all of the fine dining establishments inside the mall before he starves to death!

Some survivors are being held captive by psychopaths - people who have been driven mad by the horror that surrounds them! Defeat them to free the captive survivors and bring them to safety!

MOVEMENT - Arrow Keys

ACTION - 'Z' Key


TV - Can kill multiple zombies, but has short range.

SOCCER BALL - Ricochets off enemies.

GUN - Shoots a straight travelling projectile.

Tagsatari, Remake, Retro

Install instructions

Download and run installer.


DR2600.exe 3 MB

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As an atarifan I thoroughly enjoyed this horror game.